Interwest Group LP is engaged in the supply of large and medium batches of various types of fabrics, industrial and knitting yarn, sewing accessories (buttons, zippers, needles, thread and etc.) for wholesalers, sewing studios, garment fabrics and other manufacturing companies from the suppliers from Europe (Italy, Germany and other) and Southeast Asia (primarily China). We also offer delivery from European manufacturers of various interior elements: furniture, lamps, plumbing, materials for design and decorative items.

We have a developed network of suppliers known for their excellent quality and terms of cooperation in the market.

We have experience in supplying goods to many countries, in Europe, as well as, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Our buyers from Russia are satisfied with the cooperation with us, and we give good conditions to regular customers with good volumes per year.

We are doing everything possible to meet any requirement for the supply of fabric, yarn and accessories to the customer’s door.

We undertake all the extensive work of purchasing / ordering goods at the factory, documenting the purchase (contract), customs clearance (EX1, DT, etc.), organizing all logistics of delivering from the factory to your customer, including storage and processing in warehouses (labeling, packaging, repacking, etc.).